Charles T. Giang, DDS - Benefits of CEREC


Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic, or CEREC, is a tooth replacement solution popular with both patients and dentists. At Southland Dental, Dr. Charles T. Giang utilizes the modern technologies of CEREC to provide convenient and quality treatments. CEREC machinery allows us to provide our patients with aesthetically pleasing and durable restorations while minimizing trips to the dental office. We understand your time is precious, and we make every effort to offer efficient service.  

Comfortable, Digital Dentistry 

CEREC machinery utilizes CAD/CAM technology to craft restorations out of porcelain or zirconia material. Instead of being fabricated by a dental-lab, your prosthetic is made in-office by CEREC’s sculpting and milling tools. The machine takes a block of the chosen material and creates a beautiful and tooth-colored restoration, such as a crown. 

There is no need for the uncomfortable impression putty. CEREC takes 3D scans of patients’ smile and crafts the restoration accordingly. Tooth replacements created by CEREC not only protect the remaining tooth or teeth but improve the comfort of your bite as well. 

Resilient Prosthetics

The restorations fabricated by CEREC are made from dental ceramics. These materials are long-lasting and may be used to treat teeth in either the front or the back of the smile. CEREC made prosthetics are built to withstand everyday pressures caused by eating and speaking, having patients may leave the dental office with smiles that appear naturally beautiful. Your dentist will color match your restoration so it seamlessly blends with your surrounding teeth.

Same-Day Dentistry

CEREC allows your dentist to provide a tooth replacement on the same day as your appointment. In comparison, restorations sent to a lab take more time to create and include shipping. This typically takes two appointments separated by weeks, one for the impressions and the other for fastening the permanent prosthetic.

With CEREC, patients have their impressions taken and the crown placed within the same visit. You do not have to take any more time out of your day to receive effective dental treatment. 

Ask Us about CEREC

If you are searching for effective and convenient dental restorations, call Southland Dental about CEREC. We can help you leave our Hayward dental practice with a fully restored and beautiful smile. 



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